Our approach to business Metering & Data Collection contracting is simple!

We can review your current arrangements and if necessary propose alternative providers that could improve your service and costs. Getting visibility of your business energy usage profile enables you monitor and identify energy waste and can even help you procure energy better.

For some businesses, Half-Hourly (HH) metering is already installed meaning this energy data can be accessed daily via your suppliers Meter Operator (MOP) & Data Collector (DC). However, having a direct business MOP and DC contract will help you gain better access to this data, so you can see how much energy your site is using. This is the start of a journey towards reducing your business energy consumption and costs.

There are many providers out there, much like your energy supply and we make finding the best deal simple!

Our fully managed business metering & data collection service offers you:

  • A full metering & data collection contract review.
  • Metering & data collection contract tender management and site consolidation.
  • Advice, negotiation and contract management.
  • Detailed provider recommendations based on service & price.
  • The ability to switch to EasySwitch Energy preferred metering & data collection partner.

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Business utilities management made simple.

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