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Our mission is to be the UK’s most trusted business energy broker.  We want to protect our business community and stand by our core values offering simple, consistent, honest and fair services to our clients, delivered with the upmost respect.

Here at EasySwitch Energy we are always prepared to go the extra mile for our clients, as a value driven company, we understand that it’s not just about building relationships, it’s about maintaining them too.

When working with EasySwitch Energy we guarantee that these values will be at the forefront of our service delivery.  We rely on client feedback to make sure we recognise when we don’t live up to these standards. If you feel this isn’t happening… tell us!

Wesley Gill
Ashley Maloney

Wesley Gill - Managing Director

After seeing how some brokers are behaving in the industry, I thought it was about time that someone set up a value driven, client focused brokerage and after a chance meeting in a coffee shop that's exactly what happened! I believe that it's important to build a trusted brand, something that isn't just recognised for its looks but for its behaviour. This is something we have achieved at EasySwitch and moving forwards, we will be able to sustain!

Ashley Maloney - Sales Director

I love tackling new industries head on, so when Wes and Simon discussed their ideas and the opportunity to join them in making the energy market a better place, I couldn't say no! The energy industry is a very complex world and this complexity creates uncertainty, however we aim to make it simple whilst delivering our core values. This market is changing and business clients need a broker they can truly trust and I believe we are exactly that!

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